• A global challenge

    As cancer came out of the shadows, so dementia is now recognised for its social and economic impact. Politically centre stage, focus is on tech to improve the wellbeing of the recently diagnosed, carers and their families, whilst maintaining longer care in the community and reducing costs, at a time when the worlds aging population continues to grow. At Health Connected we see how tech improves the wellbeing of the recently diagnosed with

    A global challenge
  • Portable care

    Formed three years ago, courtesy of personal experience, Health-Connected addresses the lack of technology in the front line of care. With no cure on the horizon, enhancing the quality of care has never been more important in the fight against dementia and Re-MindMe brings cutting edge tech to bear on each sector of the dementia care journey.

    Portable care
  • The new world of medtech

    With today's rapidly evolving digital world and with the recognition of the spending power of the rapidly expanding elderly population, medtech has become a hot investment sector in the US. In the last 6 months a similar focus has emerged in the UK. The 'Long Term Care Revolution' has started - and with HCL you can be part of it.

    The new world of medtech
  • Social media & health

    With social media providing global reach, many medtech companies are addressing the concerns and needs of the consumer by offering access to new tech via apps and cloud solutions, empowering them to take greater personal control of their health. ReMindMecare is addressing the concerns and needs of the older people by offering new tech and cloud solutions, empowering them to take greater personal control of their health and well-being.

    Social media & health
  • Today’s care trends

    As a 'tech savvy' generation begins to adopt healthier lifestyles and plan for their retirement, the trend is towards portable care planning. Whether health monitoring, records, self-diagnosis or expert and family connectivity, increasingly consumers are looking to the internet for health support. ReMindMecare supports healthier lifestyles and retirement. Our services are portable help people stay in touch with carers, friends and family, and

    Today’s care trends
  • Breaking the barriers

    Whether PHE, the NHS, CQC or NICE, whether CCG’s, hospital procurers or nurses, all agree that change is required in today’s hospitals and that technology that can improve care, increase performance and reduce costs is needed. Medtech is being invited to 'breach the traditional barriers of heatlh care conservatism'.

    Breaking the barriers